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50hrs later (suggestions)

2 years ago, I made a post about my suggestions after playing NFS 2015 for a while. It started some good discussions within the subreddit so I thought I'd do the same for Payback.
I want to begin by saying that I did enjoy the game. It felt like an evolution from its predecessor for the most part, but I also saw some things that were not a step in the right direction. Payback is a much larger game, at the expense of spreading itself thin. The world doesn't feel as alive, or as nearly polished, and there is evidence of design and development compromises due to the 2 year time restriction to put out a new game. Certainly, there are limitations to what Ghost could've done and I can understand and appreciate that.
At the risk of starting a rabid, frothing argument about the Speed Card system, I left out suggesting an overhaul. I'm also not going to delve into the vehicle handling model. I sincerely think that Payback's handling model is greatly superior to that of NFS 2015, with some lingering issues that become more apparent on DRIFT cars. But I'll leave it to the rest of the community to provide feedback and to Ghost to use their judgment and resources to tweak it as they see fit.
I spend 90% of racing games, including NFS 2015 and Payback, in the Garage. Customizing, painting, and wrapping cars to high detail is where I find satisfaction. As this aspect of the game is what sets these last two titles apart from the rest of the genre, I wanted to provide a list of suggestions that would further improve the base game.

(x) Issue
(o) Suggestion
(!) New Issue (added after first post)
(?) New Suggestion (added after first post)
(+) Added via patch
Paint & Wrap:
(x) Mirroring text from one side to another incorrectly mirrors the stretch dimensions
(x) Lots of decals missing that were in NFS 2015
(x) Metallic paint finishes seems off, especially at night under street lights
(x) Decal smoothness is broken. Unable to have matte or satin finish decals
(x) Nissan 180SX decal duplication/clipping bug on rear bumper
(o) Increase decal resolution in Garage and in Photo Mode
(o) Add Pearlescent paint
(o) Add Skew option for decals
(o) Allow all decal categories (Shapes, Logos, Logotypes, etc.) to be flipped horizontally and vertically
(o) Add more aftermarket logos (colorable, such as Bride logo which is currently only available in red)
(o) Add italicized typeface
(o) Add cursive typeface
(o) Add serif typeface
(o) Add manufacturer logos (colorable)
(o) Add ability to Group Decals and Save Decal Groups
(o) Add more Paint & Wrap save slots
(o) Add more Wrap layers
(!) Nissan Skyline GTR R34 decal gap on hood vents if Nissan (Z-Tune) hood is installed
Stance Tuning:
(o) Add Track Width slider for front and rear wheels (I'd rather see clipping through fenders than massively sunken wheels)
(o) Add Rake slider
(o) Realign Camber slider to allow positive camber at stock ride height (zero camber at lowest ride height)
Visual Customization:
(x) DRIFT cars automatically come with stretched tires with no way to change to regular fitting tires
(o) Add Regular and Stretched Tire options for RACE, DRIFT, and RUNNER class cars
(x) Tire sidewall ratio does not change correctly as rim size increases (ex. 350z max rim size looks like 17")
(x) Inconsistencies with wheel sizes between different cars
(o) Custom lettering on tire sidewalls
(o) Add Volk wheels - this exclusion is a crying shame. Please find a way to add them back. Nismo wheels are manufactured by Rays but they seem to be in the game fine…
(o) Add Enkei wheels - there's an Enkei decal available but no wheels…
(o) Add Konig wheels
(o) Add Advan wheels
(o) Add Desmond Regamaster Marquis Promada wheels
(o) Add Buddy Club wheels
(o) Add Blitz 03 wheels
(o) Add BBS wheels
(o) Add TSW wheels
(o) Add O.Z wheels
(o) Option to show/hide wheel stickers (such as on Volk TE37, Work Meister, etc.)
(o) Add Rim Offset/Concavity slider (don't move hub in/out, move spokes in/out)
(o) Add option to change wheel lug nut color
(o) Custom caliper color for Speedhunters white caliper
(o) Add Spec-R aero front bumper for Nissan Silvia S15
(o) Add Nismo body-kit and wheels for Nissan 350z
(o) Add "Chuki" body-kit and USDM Tail Lamps for Nissan 180SX S13
(o) Add N1 vents for Nissan 180SX S13 front bumper
(o) Add 05-06 "face-lifted" lamp and fascia conversion for Acura RSX Type-S
(o) Add Type-R body-kit and trunk badge for Acura RSX Type-S
(o) Add 02 "face-lifted" lamps and fascia conversion for Honda NSX
(o) Add "NB" lamps and fascia conversion for 1996 Mazda MX-5
(o) "Sleepy eyes" headlamps for all vehicles with pop-up headlamps
(x) "Sleepy eyes" on 180SX do not lower when engine is off
(x) Add labels to parts (ex. Origin Lab Stream Line, Origin Lab Racing Line, Work XD9, Work CR Kai, etc.)
(!) Certain cars have restricted body kits (ex. Nissan 180SX BN Sports, Spirit Rei, etc.) [by: 88911gofast]
(?) Allow car-body parts to be completely removed [by: 88911gofast]
(?) Add plexiglass hoods (plexiglass spoilers already in game) [by: 88911gofast]
Vanity Items:
(x) In-Garage menu restricts view of car. Change to allow better view of car while browsing parts
(o) Interior customization (replace/recolor front seats, remove rear seats, replace steering wheel, etc.)
(o) Blow-off valve sound customization and preview. NFS 2015 changed blow-off and flutter noise depending on installed turbo upgrade. Reuse same sound files.
(o) Add preview option for horns
(o) Add preview option for nitrous colors
(o) Add preview option for underglow
(o) Add underglow pulse
(x) Vanity items received from pre-order or deluxe edition should have unlimited usage
(!) Honda S2000 C-West Rear Diffuser and Front Bumper cannot be installed together
Performance Customization:
(o) Allow rolling for Speed Cards in Garage
(o) Sending a Speed Card to Garage should allow it to be used on any vehicle in the same vehicle category it was earned
(o) Rolling for Speed Cards costs 3 tokens but only 2 slot wheels spin. Reduce Speed Card cost to 2 tokens
(o) Holding L2 should peek a menu showing Brand Bonuses
Events and Collectibles:
(x) No reward for breaking Billboards
(x) No reward for collecting Casino Chips
(x) No reward for completing World Activities (Speed Traps, Speed Runs, Drift Zones, Jumps)
(x) No indication on map whether World Activities have been completed without selecting activity (add a check mark like Collectibles
(o) Add daily Roaming Racer challenge; find racer and win to progress towards shipment. Daily Roaming Racer has high difficulty
(o) Add rare Roaming Racers of cars made by Ghost Games team members (Ghost icon on racer name to show this)
(o) Add rare Roaming Racers of unplayed story characters (if playing as Tyler, give rare chance to race against Mac and Jess, with character dialogue)
(o) Add Vista Spots (this was a great way for Ghost to showcase the hard work they put into the world they built)
(x) Tachometer gaps and vibration make it hard to find redline. Remove gaps and only vibrate gauge when rpm is past redline (in manual transmission mode)
(o) Add full-length needle to tachometer, move speedometer and gear indicator off center
(o) Customizable tachometer colors (Shipments)
(o) Add boost gauge
(o) Game-world clock near map
(x) HUD load-in issues/lag during drag races
(x) HUD disappears after a crash, even if Car Wreck Cameras is off
Gameplay, Controls, Visuals, and Sounds:
(x) Unable to reassign button layout in-game (add R1, L1 shifting at the least)
(o) Holding 'Down' analog button should open a Quick-Action Radial Menu that allows:
(x) Texture load-in issues
(x) Online free-roam missing
(x) Free-roam police chases missing
(o) Start game inside Garage
(x) Selecting Garage from map should load directly into Garage, not outside it
(x) Vehicle lighting (reflections, shadows, head/taillamp light output) looks worse than NFS 2015
(x) Chrome decals have dotted appearance in free-roam
(o) Increase damage against police vehicles
(o) Reduce police vehicle speeds off-road
(x) Starting Bait Crates shows police vehicles loading into world. Looks like police vehicle is landing from sky. Delay animation until police vehicles are fully loaded and on ground
(x) Game puts emphasis on switching vehicles for each category. Allow vehicle switching at Gas Stations or don't de-spawn Bait Crates. Put a 5min time limit to let players switch cars and come back to it
(o) Increase traffic in city
(x) Allow all vehicles to reach 399+
(o) Allow vehicles in Garage to change class (RACE, DRIFT, DRAG, OFF-ROAD, RUNNER). Could be earned from a Class Change Token received from Shipments
(x) Engine noise is same from stock to 399. NFS 2015 changed noise as better performance upgrades were installed. Change engine noise at 200 and 300 Tiers
(x) No variation in blow-off noise. NFS 2015 had multiple noises for each different turbo upgrade and blow-off valve
(o) Music tracklist menu with on/off toggle for each songs
(x) Control scheme does not recognize PS Vita. Please reuse NFS 2015's PS Vita control scheme
(x) While car is in Reverse gear and holding Handbrake, pressing Gas incorrectly lights up Brake lights
(x) While driving through tunnels, exhaust noise echoes but is quieter
(?) Police cars should correspond with car level [by: 88911gofast]
Please feel free to comment and add to this list of issues and suggestions. If I get a chance, I will add them to the main post. Keep it short and to the point. The purpose is to have a concise list to collect related issues and suggestions so Ghost have an easier time reading all this.
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The Week In Review: Suburban News of the Past Week (9/11/16)

· 1. Two marine unit deputies injured on Petite Lake when their boat was struck by another driven by a Lindenhurst woman near Fox Lake (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
· 2. Two Buffalo Grove teens born in Israel return to serve in Israeli armed forces (Daily Herald)
· 3. Spring Grove couple killed in car crash on South Solon Road near Spring Grove (Chicago Tribune)
· 4. Highland officials await dollar figure on renovation of 70-year-old Town Theatre (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 5. Hebron couple now fighting town over expanded pond; official who gave them permission has been fired (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 6. Walgreens partners with First Ladies Health Initiative to offer health screenings across Chicago area on Sunday, Sept. 11, including 10 churches in the suburbs (ABC 7)
· 7. Round Lake woman arrested for attempting to rob Grayslake credit union (Daily Herald)
· 8. Service dog from Great Lakes Naval Station in North Chicago is finalist in American Hero Dog competition (ABC 7)
· 9. Illinois General Assembly trying to pass bill to deny pension to survivors of anyone convicted of felony related to public service, prompted by Joe Gliniewicz case (Northwest Herald)
· 10. Chicago Police: Lombard woman who died after being pulled out of Chicago River committed suicide (CBS 2)
· 11. Cab driver arrested for DUI caught urinating on his own taxi in Cicero (FOX 32)
· 12. Man shot to death, two others injured in Aurora after leaving a child's birthday party (NBC 5)
· 13. Texas man killed, driver critically injured in single-car crash on I-294 near Hickory Hills (Chicago Tribune)
· 14. Women's soccer star kneels during National Anthem before Chicago Red Stars game at Toyota Park in Bridgeview (WGN TV)
· 15. Bicyclists shot multiple times in Harvey (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 16. Farmers see threat of damage to harvests because of heavy August rains (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 17. Girl dies as result of fire in Lake Station (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 18. Lake County Sheriff's Office's saturation patrols, checkpoint during August net 6 DUIs, 38 drug/warrant arrests, one habitual-traffic violator arrest (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 19. Valparaiso sex offender facing new charge after luring boy to his home, giving the child drugs and alcohol and performing a sex act on him while dressed as a woman (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 20. Proposed Luke Family of Brands headquarters removed from consideration in Hobart; city manager says it's because of a lack of communication (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 21. St. John to apply for matching funds to repave streets; Town Council also agrees to work with Lake County on repaving Calumet Avenue (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 22. Grayslake puts together $350,000 tax incentive to lure Goose Island pub to its downtown (Daily Herald)
· 23. Granddaughter of Long Grove businesswoman opens branch of her own business across the street from grandmother's former shop (Daily Herald)
· 24. Two Waukegan cell-phone stores robbed over Labor Day weekend, like by same man (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 25. U.S. Rep. Bob Dold (R-Illinois), Democrat Brad Schneider to debate at eight candidate forums across 10th Congressional District (Daily Herald)
· 26. Elgin store robbed at gunpoint (CBS 2)
· 27. Elgin Area Unit School District U-46 puts transgender policy into place, allowing middle-schooler access to locker room of student's identifying gender (Daily Herald)
· 28. Man fleeing from multi-vehicle accident struck and killed on Lake Street in Bartlett (Chicago Tribune/Elgin Courier-News)
· 29. Gunfire reported outside restaurant on Mannheim Road in Des Plaines (Daily Herald)
· 30. Elk Grove Village police officer resigns, faced disciplinary action for writing 13 warning tickets between January and April 2016 for stops that never occurred (Daily Herald)
· 31. St. Charles' Arcada Theatre celebrates 90th anniversary (Daily Herald)
· 32. Oak Brook to hire consultant that worked on 2007 Commercial Areas Revitalization Plan to help redevelop McDonald's Corp. headquarters property (Chicago Tribune/The Doings)
· 33. Oak Park middle-school teacher a finalist for Illinois Teacher of the Year (Chicago Tribune/Oak Leaves)
· 34. Kane County coroner, DuKane A.B.A.T.E. team up to figure out why there have been so many motorcycle-related deaths in 2016, come up with preventive measure (Chicago Tribune)
· 35. Bensenville motorcyclist killed in Chicago crash (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 36. Volkswagen subsidiary buys $256 million stake in Lisle-based Navistar (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 37. Fitch Ratings downgrades DuPage County's debt to AA+, citing 'limited revenue flexibility and slow revenue growth prospects' (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 38. Pitbulls euthanized following two separate attacks in Riverside (WBBM AM 780)
· 39. Millbrook man charged with failure to register his address as a sex offender (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 40. Dallas-based Hillwood real-estate development company starts construction of warehouse in Joliet, even though there no leases have been signed (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 41. Metra Electric and South Shore Line trains delayed after power problems (ABC 7)
· 42. Indiana-based Franciscan Alliance to remove saints from their names; Chicago Heights facility to be named Franciscan Health Chicago Heights (Chicago Tribune)
· 43. Motorcyclist killed after being struck by pickup truck in Harvey (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 44. Valparaiso police investigate armed bank robbery (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 45. Valparaiso-based Bulk Mail Services profiled in book The Disney Way: Harnessing the Management Secrets of Disney in Your Company (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 46. Uncertainty surrounds future of Aéropostale store at Hobart's Southlake Mall (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 47. Munster High graduate Joe Mansueto to step down as CEO of Morningstar investment firm in January (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 48. LaPorte man charged with strangling, beating teen who allegedly provided illegal drugs to his daughter (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 49. Fire at Gary apartment building forces evacuation of 24 units (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 50. Lowell man charged with attempted armed robbery after trying to mug acquaintance (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 51. Lowell woman accused of attempted murder for shooting her husband during domestic spat (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 52. State law bans future county board members statewide from getting public pensions; stemmed from controversy in McHenry County (Chicago Tribune)
· 53. PBS's smash hit 'Nature Cat' the creation of Highland Park brothers (Chicago Tribune)
· 54. Driver critically injured after his SUV crosses center line, crashes into oncoming tow truck on Fairfield Road near Wauconda (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 55. Philly G's restaurant in Vernon Hills closes (Daily Herald)
· 56. Gurnee gas station robbed at gunpoint (CBS 2)
· 57. Live-in caregivers accused of defrauding elderly Highland Park man of more than $184,000 (Chicago Tribune/Highland Park News)
· 58. Bittersweet Golf Course employee hospitalized after high winds cause controlled burn to flare up (Daily Herald)
· 59. Island Lake raises fine on boats without village stickers to $50 (Daily Herald)
· 60. Motorcyclist injured in hit-and-run in Lake in the Hills (Daily Herald)
· 61. Progress on Arlington Downs mixed-use development coming slower than Arlington Heights officials expected (Daily Herald)
· 62. O'Hare workers file 80 complaints alleging wage theft against city of Chicago, state of Illinois, various contractors as unionizing push moves ahead (Chicago Tribune)
· 63. Wheeling teen facing multiple charges after breaking into ex-girlfriend's home in Mount Prospect, choking her, threatening another man with a knife (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 64. South Elgin resident plans to fight $50 ticket for flying drone over public park; village intends to report him to the FAA (Daily Herald)
· 65. Portage resident raises concerns about city's lack of dog-impound facilities (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 66. Villa Park police investigate reported home invasion (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 67. St. Charles City Council agrees to pay $526,500 to the Greater St. Charles Convention & Visitors Bureau to help attract visitors, money (Daily Herald)
· 68. Naperville recognizes gold-medal Olympic swimmer Kevin Cordes (Daily Herald)
· 69. Aurora man sentenced to 28 years in prison for attempted murder of suspected gang member (CBS 2)
· 70. Countryside-based Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurant to open near downtown Oak Park (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 71. Joliet man sentenced to 60 years in prison for shooting a man to death at a Joliet diner (CBS 2)
· 72. Man charged with stabbing another man during domestic dispute in Plainfield (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 73. White Dyer man charged with hate crime for allegedly using racial slurs, firing his gun in incident with intoxicated black man in Flossmoor (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 74. Ex-Harvey comptroller found dead in southern Indiana as his connection to shady development deal persists (Chicago Tribune)
· 75. Woman dead, child injured as result of Gary house fire (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 76. Man handcuffed, shot in the leg during home invasion disrupted by the return of his girlfriend, four children near Kouts (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 77. Crown Lake Board of Public Works and Safety approves contracts, agreements for work on 109th Avenue (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 78. East Chicago man charged with burglarizing neighboring ice-cream shop (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 79. Lake County Board rolls back requests for pay, other raises for elected officials, voting instead to increase salaries for E-911 dispatchers, county police and jail officers (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 80. Man, woman arrested after using counterfeit $100 bills in separate incidents in Chesterton, Portage (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 81. Whiting police seek armed men who robbed bar on Aug. 31 (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 82. Elgin, Old Mill Creek, Wauconda residents selected as judges for this year's Westminster Kennel Club show (Daily Herald)
· 83. Law clerk fired for posing as judge at Markham courthouse now has challenger in race to get elected judge (FOX 32)
· 84. Deerfield-based Walgreens Boots Alliance may have to give up more than 500 stores in order to acquire Rite Aid in order to avoid antitrust issues (FOX 32)
· 85. Thunderstorms leave path of destruction, power outages in Fox Lake (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
· 86. Truck carrying scrap steel beams tips over, rattling people and businesses near Waukegan (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
· 87. Palatine man arrested for running meth lab at Grayslake hotel pleads guilty to lesser charge (Daily Herald)
· 88. Pedestrian struck and killed by Metra train in Northbrook (Chicago Tribune/Northbrook Star)
· 89. Beach Park man with outstanding warrant, Kenosha woman with drugs arrested after crashing car into a Waukegan house (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 90. Man shot in Evanston following report of burglary; victim not cooperating with police (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 91. Lake Zurich trustee alleges change to village's development-review process reduces transparency (Daily Herald)
· 92. Real-estate firm places Glencoe as third-most expensive suburb of America's biggest cities (NBC 5)
· 93. Firefighter injured while battling fire in abandoned Elgin warehouse (ABC 7)
· 94. One of the men convicted in Brown's Chicken massacre in Palatine trying to get new trial, claiming one witness implicated him for reward money (WGN TV)
· 95. Dooley's Irish Ale House in West Dundee closes (Daily Herald)
· 96. U.S. Bank forecloses on AT&T's former headquarters campus in Hoffman Estates (Daily Herald)
· 97. Des Plaines has plan to renovate, reopen shuttered Des Plaines Theatre with help from Rivers Casino and concert promoter Ron Onesti (Daily Herald)
· 98. Palatine man acquitted of shooting 15-year-old former friend, ex-friend's father in 2014 (Chicago Tribune)
· 99. Computer-store employee shot, killed would-be robber in Carpentersville (Chicago Tribune/Elgin Courier-News)
· 100. Palatine women who portrayed Wrigley Doublemint Twins in 1980s/1990s commercials to appear on Oprah's 'Where Are They Now?' show (Chicago Tribune)
· 101. Rolling Meadows second-grader left at gas station after she boarded the wrong bus (WGN TV)
· 102. Parents angry that Indian Prairie Unit School District 204 in Naperville doesn't have air-conditioning in most of its elementary schools (Chicago Tribune/Naperville Sun)
· 103. Aurora renews liquor license for Latin American Club, where a man was shot to death on Aug. 1 (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
· 104. Sponsor withdraws proposal for Elk Grove Township library district (Daily Herald)
· 105. Fast-casual chicken restaurant PDQ to open first Midwest location in former Wheaton IHOP (Daily Herald)
· 106. Chicago coffee roaster Sparrow Coffee to open café in Naperville (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 107. Chicago man charged with sexually assaulting teenage boy at Cermak Woods pool in Lyons (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 108. Joliet-based tax preparer sentenced to 42 months in prison for defrauding state of Illinois of more than $400,000 (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 109. Teacher at Eisenhower High School in Blue Island disciplined for trying to force student to stand for Pledge of Allegiance (WBBM AM 780)
· 110. Armed gunman robs Frankfort gas station (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 111. Valparaiso High School to use Breathalyzer test on students attending football games to make sure they haven't been drinking (Chicago Tribune/Gary Post-Tribune)
· 112. St. John native appears on Logo TV's 'Finding Prince Charming' (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 113. St. John VFW Post 717 to host Sept. 16 fundraiser to help police department raise money for dashboard cameras (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 114. Suspect in Hammond bank robbery at large, listed as armed and dangerous (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 115. Third suspect in kidnapping of University of Rochester students from Aurora and Northbrook pleads guilty for her part in the plot (Chicago Tribune)
· 116. Glenview man charged in Aug. 26 hit-and-run crash in Morton Grove that killed Chicago woman after police were accused of lying about his arrest and he was cleared of marijuana charge (Chicago Tribune)
· 117. Waukegan Park District to acquire Phil's Beach, which appeared in 'The Blue Brothers' and reopen it to the public (Daily Herald)
· 118. 22-year-old Waukegan man jailed after police catch him having sex with 15-year-old girlfriend in back seat of a car (Chicago Tribune/Evanston Review)
· 119. Ingleside man sentenced to 22 years in prison for 2014 vehicular rampage across central Lake County (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
· 120. Skokie police investigate attack on owner, secretary of business by armed intruders; owner's house keys were stolen and home ransacked (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 121. Vacant gas station property turned into newest park in Grayslake after private foundation provides funding (Daily Herald)
· 122. State of Illinois reaches agreement to house state's most-mentally-ill inmates at Elgin Mental Health Center (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 123. Water-main break uproots tree, causing it to fall onto westbound lanes of Biesterfield Road in Elk Grove Village (Daily Herald)
· 124. Work set to begin on bike trail between Winfield Mounds and West DuPage Woods forest preserves (Daily Herald)
· 125. Mondelez International moving Enjoy Life Foods from Schiller Park to southern Indiana (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 126. Oak Lawn veteran using American rose to honor families of fallen soldiers (CBS 2)
· 127. Donors to Markham mayor's campaign give more than $1 million; city has rewarded those donors with city contracts worth $72 million (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 128. Mokena man charged in two hit-and-run accidents, one involving a pedestrian on 193rd Street in Mokena and one with another vehicle on I-80 near Joliet (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 129. Kankakee Area Metropolitan Enforcement Group destroys 812 cannabis plants found in wooded area near Beecher (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 130. Veterans share stories of frustration, heartbreak and financial ruin with U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs at Portage forum (Chicago Tribune/Gary Post-Tribune)
· 131. Expansion of Neighbors' Educational Opportunities (NEO) will mean more room for adult education (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 132. Hobart gets behind study of 73rd Avenue exit off I-65 in Merrillville (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 133. LaPorte County woman killed after pickup she was driving got stuck on tracks and was struck by a freight train in LaPorte (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 134. Michigan City establishes $150 fee for public to obtain copies of police videos (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 135. Democratic nominee for Cook County State's Attorney takes on consulting job with law firm that has sued Cook County and contributed $18,500 to her campaign (Chicago Tribune)
· 136. Highland Park High graduates' anti-Trump book gets them fired from Recreational Vehicle Industry Association, fires up their Kickstarter (Chicago Tribune/Highland Park News)
· 137. Lake County reports first case of West Nile virus in humans in 2016 (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 138. Evanston alderman raises concerns about how police enforce bicycle-light requirement (WBBM AM 780)
· 139. Police Taser, arrest Vernon Hills man armed with a knife at Stevenson High School football stadium during game (ABC 7)
· 140. Airplane-noise complaints at O'Hare International Airport rise 80 percent during first month of new nighttime flight plan (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 141. Elgin Community College, City of Elgin start off Hispanic Heritage Month with breakfast (Daily Herald)
· 142. Village of Bartlett celebrates 125th anniversary of founding (Daily Herald)
· 143. Parents reaction mixed on St. Charles schools' bathroom 'passport' that limits visits to the washroom to three times per quarter (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
· 144. Suspect in Hillside carjacking dead after jumping from Harlem Avenue overpass onto Eisenhower Expressway (Chicago Tribune)
· 145. Naperville OKs sale of alcohol at two hair salons, but they must meet a list of requirements set out by the city (Daily Herald)
· 146. Four Detroit men arrested after foiled smash-and-grab robbery at Orland Park jewelry store (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 147. Police search for suspect in Palos Hills sexual assault (CBS 2)
· 148. Channahon woman critically injured after being struck by a vehicle after getting off a party bus stopped in heavy traffic in Matteson (CBS 2)
· 149. Three people injured in head-on crash on 159th Street in Orland Park (CBS 2)
· 150. OPINION: Voters will have chance to change things at Lincoln-Way High School District 210 in April election (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 151. Indiana man charged with kidnapping, sexual assault of woman who advertised sex for sale on website; incident occurred in Calumet City (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 152. Lake County Fairgrounds to play host to 12th annual Hospice Hustle charity cycling event on Sunday, Sept. 18 (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 153. Crash on I-94 near Lake Station's Ripley Street exit ties up traffic (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 154. Hobart landmark restaurant Bright Spot closes (Chicago Tribune/Gary Post-Tribune)
· 155. Painful memories awakened now that man convicted of 1990 abduction/rape/murder is set to be released (Northwest Indiana Times)
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REWARDS CLUB. CONTACT US. Call 1.877.859.7775 or 506.859.7770. FAX 506.859.7771. Contact Us × REQUEST . We’re excited to meet you! Please fill out the information below so we can figure out how we can help you, and match you with a member of our team. Games; Hotel; Spa; Dine; SHOWS; MEETINGS & EVENTS; About Us; Contact Us; Hours of Operation; How to Get Here; Gift Cards; Careers; Community ... As a beginner in the gambling industry, it’s hard to find the Nb Casino Menu right Nb Casino Menu path for yourself. There’re lots of Australian online casinos on the internet and only some of them are safe and trustworthy. By reading the article made by USA Casino Expert, you’re going to become an advanced gambler.. You’re going to learn about the types of Australian gambling sites ... The Casino New Brunswick Rewards Club - Casino New Brunswick program has 2 tiers. At most casinos, players can earn points to move to different tiers by playing multiple types of games, including table games and video poker, and at some casinos, you can even move to different tiers by playing keno or bingo. To progress to higher tiers in Rewards Club - Casino New Brunswick, players must earn ... Sign up now and get an amazing 300% on your first deposit. Play with over +500 casino games using your favorite device. Start playing now! Casino NB offers 15 different table games, including roulette, blackjack, craps and baccarat. Poker players can place their wagers in the private Poker Room, which holds eight game tables and is the site of regular tournaments. In the Poker Room, players can also enjoy food and drink service. This casino houses 550 slot machines in a variety of formats, such as video, traditional and ... Established in 2000, Casino Rewards is one of the longest serving Casino groups around. With all of our casinos being powered by Microgaming, we are able to provide the highest quality gaming experience for our players. You can join any of our online casinos today for free, and enjoy the many benefits that we provide. These include: Click here to read about all the Casino Rewards Millionaires' Club members! Our Latest Millionaires! H.T. made a Casino Rewards hat trick by becoming our 3 rd multimillionaire in less than 2 months when she scored an incredible €3,558,858.68 on Mega Moolah at Grand Mondial Casino on October 16 th 2019! D.H. landed a $4,445,011.37 Mega Moolah jackpot with only a $1 bet at Grand Mondial Casino ... Nach Deiner Einzahlung bietet das Hello Casino auch einen Casino Bonus bis zu €500. Nutze Deine 25 Freispiele ohne Einzahlung, um das Online Casino zu testen. Hol Dir jetzt 25 Freispiele ohne Einzahlung gratis nur bei Hello Casino. Aktive Aktionen. Die täglich wechselnden Aktionen im Captain Spins Kalender – Abwechslung garantiert . Die Captain Spins Spielbank begrüßt Dich mit offenen ... REWARDS CLUB. Joining The Rewards Club is quick & easy! Simply present valid government-issued photo identification to our guest services representatives, fill out the Rewards Club membership form and you’ll be ready to be rewarded! You can earn rewards every time you visit the Casino and redeem them for merchandise, concert tickets, food, accommodations, spa treatments and more! Sign up for ... Casino Nb Rewards Club to thousands and millions, classic table games online, and the bingo Casino Nb Rewards Club and lotteries games, you'll find a game to suit your taste. Gambling sites take great care in ensuring all the games are tested and audited for Casino Nb Rewards Club fairness so that every player stands an equal chance of winning big.

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Talking Comp Cruises and Casino Royale Rewards with Royal ...

Solaire Resort and Casino Reward Club Card. Get you Soliare Reward Club now for free. The benefits from gaming are provided. Thank you for watching. For more... Palm Springs Power title sponsor Spa Resort Casino has the best rewards program in the desert: the Paradise Rewards Club. Casino gambling expert, Steve Bourie, gives one easy tip to increase your players club benefits. Topics covered include: how casinos calculate your expected ... TalkingStickCasino.com is your best source for online gaming action. Whether you’re on a desktop computer, tablet, smartphone or any other mobile device, you... GTA Online: The Diamond Casino Heist Tips & Tricks - A complete guide on how to make the most money possible with the Arcade and the Casino Heist added with ... Steve Bourie, interviews casino players club expert Darryl McEwen about Players Clubs and Casino Comps. Darryl has a web site at sevenstarsinsider.com where ... Steve Bourie, author of the American Casino Guide, gives details on how to take advantage of player's club benefits at casinos for slot machine and video pok... A day in the life working in Tokyo Japan as a Pachinko Casino Worker. This is what a typical day working in Japan is like if you work in the Casino Enterta... Steve and Matt Bourie, from the American Casino Guide, explain how the casino comp system works. They discuss how casinos determine your value to them as a p... Royal Caribbean's Jon Wamba, Casino Alliance Manager, and Julie Balbuena, Manager Casino Rewards Program, join Craig Shacklett, CEO of URComped, to talk abou...